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Violent Crime Charges

Violent crime charges in Oklahoma require a serious defense team. Our defense lawyers fight for your rights in all violent crime cases.

Violent crime charges in Oklahoma are typically prosecuted aggressively, and being accused of this type of crime can be confusing and life-changing. If you have been arrested for a violent crime in Oklahoma, your first course of action should be to enlist the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. The criminal law firm of Oklahoma Legal Center is extremely familiar with assault and weapons defense in Oklahoma City and across the state of Oklahoma. Contact us today for a free consultation in your violent crime case.

Violent Offenses

A violent crime is any criminal offense which involves the use of, or even the threat of, force or violence. Violent crimes, especially those involving guns or other weapons, are taken very seriously in Oklahoma, and are punished accordingly. If you have been arrested for a violent crime or weapons-related offense in Oklahoma, it is important to enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our qualified defense lawyers at Oklahoma Legal Center are familiar with Oklahoma violent crimes laws, and can help protect your rights when faced with a violent offense charge.

Types of Violent Offenses

Domestic violence – A crime of abuse, violence or threatening behavior that is committed within a family structure
Assault – The threat of inflicting harm upon another person
Battery – The physical act of harming another person, where the victim sustains only minor injuries
Guns, weapons and assault rifles – The unlawful possession of a weapon, including simple possession or carrying a concealed weapon

Punishment for Violent Offenses in Oklahoma

Depending on whether the violent crime is considered a misdemeanor or felony, the accused may face incarceration, fines, probation, community service, restitution, and other penalties. Misdemeanor violent crimes in Oklahoma are punishable by a maximum of one year in county jail. For an Oklahoma felony offense, however, the penalties may range from one year in prison to life in prison without the possibility of parole. For more serious violent crimes, including capital offenses, the defendant may even face the death penalty in Oklahoma.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

If you have been charged with a violent offense in Oklahoma, contact our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys at Oklahoma Legal Center for legal help. We have years of experience in handling violent crime cases across the state, and can help you gain access to expert witnesses and qualified professionals whose testimonies can support your case. The prosecution in your case may impose the harshest penalties available for misdemeanor or felony offenses under Oklahoma criminal law. This can bring with it not only prison time and punitive fines, but also significant personal consequences for you and your family. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney to represent your case can significantly affect your future. Contact Oklahoma Legal Center today.

Tell Your Story To A Violent Crime Charges Lawyer Now For Free ↓

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