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Field Sobriety Tests And DUI Charges in OKC

If You Failed Your Field Sobriety Test, You Were Either Charged With A DUI Or Will Be Questioned Regarding Drunk Driving. You Should Seek Legal Advice From A Qualified Attorney Immediately.

Failing your field sobriety tests in Oklahoma can lead to being arrested
for Drunk Driving. Don’t accept a DUI laying down. Our DUI Defense law
firm has experience representing people charged with Drunk Driving throughout
Oklahoma. Contact us today to discuss your arrest, the environment
your field sobriety test was given in and the potential outcome of your
DUI charges.

In Oklahoma, the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) is made up of
three different tests that are administered by a police officer trained
to report your behavior in a standardized manor. The three (3) DUI field
sobriety tests are the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), the Walk-and-Turn
and the One-leg stand.

Horizontal Gaze Test For DUI

The Horizontal gaze nystagmus test is the field test administered to
you by the police officer when he instructed you to hold you head still
and follow a small flashlight or another object with your eyes from
side to side. In this DUI field test, the officer is watching for your
eyes to involuntarily jerk more than normal with these tests. If you
exhibit more than three (3) clues that you are under the influence,
the testing officer will more than likely assume you are under the influence.
However, there are medications, other depressants and inhalants that
can exaggerate this natural rhythm of your eyeballs movement.

DUI Tests – Walk and Turn

The Walk and Turn test is not just a test of your coordination, it
is also a test that is critiquing your ability to follow the police
officers directs. The arresting officer will instruct the suspect to
take nine heel-to-toe steps along a straight line, turn, and return
in the same fashion. Again, the arresting officer is looking to see
if you will loose your balance while turning, not place your heel to
your toe, start before he instructs you to start and see if you are
capable of following the police officers instructions. The officer is
looking for seven (7) major signs of being under the influence; ability
to maintain balance while following test instructions, starting the
test before the instructions were completed, if you stop walking during
the test to regain balance, no heel to toe, putting your arms out (like
a tight rope walker) to keep your balance and if the suspect takes the
incorrect amount of steps.

One Leg Stand DWI Test

The One Leg Stand DWI test is essentially testing your balance. Standing
on one leg the officer instructs the suspect to keep one foot approximately
six (6) inches off of the ground and count in one thousands until instructed
to put your foot down. This test is administered in thirty (30) second
intervals. Again, the arresting officer is using this DWI test to observe
your ability to balance; if you use your arms, if you hop to stay in
one spot or if you put your foot down before instructed.

Tell Your Story To A Field Sobriety Tests And DUI Charges in OKC Lawyer Now For Free ↓

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