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Oklahoma Criminal Defense

Located in Oklahoma City, our attorneys will travel statewide to help those accused of crimes. We offer a FREE CASE REVIEW to EVERYONE. We can help.

Our criminal defense attorneys have unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and success winning both Federal and State criminal cases for Oklahoma clients. If you have been charged with any crime such as traffic or DUI, drug offense, corporate crime, internet sex crime, child pornography, violent crime, or any other criminal offense, contact an attorney for an immediate FREE legal consultation. Do not talk to the police or anyone involving your case until you get professional advice from your attorney. It is our job to defend your constitutional rights and it is the states job to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

Our lawyers are committed to protecting your rights. Our ONLY obligation throughout the process of your case is to serve, protect, and vigorously defend our client from the State of Oklahoma and it’s allegations against our client. We defend crimes in courtrooms across Oklahoma every day with great pride.

Have you been accused or charged with a crime in Oklahoma? If you need help and are looking for quality legal representation, call or email us today. Our case reviews are Confidential and FREE. Contact us for a FREE CASE EVALUATION without obligation!

Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions:

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  • What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?
  • Why is the Oklahoma City District Attorney prosecuting my case if no one is pressing charges?
  • If I hire you to be my OKC defense attorney, will you try to negotiate a plea-bargain for me?
  • Do I need to hire a defense attorney before my arraignment?
  • How do I go about expunging a felony in Oklahoma?
  • How do I expunge a misdemeanor in Oklahoma?
  • How much does an oklahoma expungement cost?
  • Do you accept payment plans?

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The goal of The Oklahoma Legal Center is to provide unsurpassed quality in communication, litigation, and results.

Every lawyer that works in our Drunk Driving Defense Division shares this view of our purpose and together we aspire to fulfill our idealistic expectations of what a criminal defense lawyer should be.

Our criminal defense lawyers strive to be the champion for their client’s cause in every single DUI case, no matter the size. Our ONLY obligation throughout the process is to serve, protect, and vigorously defend our client from the State and it’s allegations and we do this in courtrooms across this State every day with great pride. We understand how difficult a legal battle can be mentally, physically, and financially and we are dedicated to making this process as understandable and tolerable as we can by providing our client with both the best personal service in the legal community and the most zealous legal defense the law allows.

We know how important it is to know that someone is in your corner when it feels like everybody is against you. We take the time to understand what your expectations and goals are within your case and we vow to serve those interests to the fullest. We are honored to have an opportunity to work in a field where we have a chance to offer help and serve those who need us most and to be there for them at a time when many of them feel alone and uncared for. We cherish the chance to protect our clients and to show the State that our clients are more than just another court case, and that we will defend them to the fullest against any and all accusations against them.

We take your case personally because you are our client and you are trusting us with your case, your name, and your freedom. Every case is our opportunity to show that we deserve your trust and to do our part to make sure that JUSTICE is done in a system where it is sadly ignored too often. It is these values and our dedication to our clients that separate us from the competition and we would love the chance to show you our example of what every attorney-client relationship should be.

Tell Your Story To A Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer Now For Free ↓

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