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Child Injuries

There is nothing more tragic than when a child is injured or killed because of the negligence of another person, party or company. We have represented children and their families in cases involving automobile accidents, injuries at school, dog attacks, sports injuries, defective products and other personal injury claims. One of our clients, Lynn Stark, has been instrumental in ensuring that bunk bed safety standards have been implemented in Oklahoma and the United States after her daughter, Whitney, was killed as a result of an unsafe bunk bed. If your child has suffered serious injuries, you need the help of compassionate and experienced attorneys. Call Oklahoma Legal Center today for a free consultation.

Daycare Accidents in Oklahoma

In today’s single mom and dad home environment, more and more parents are seeking help from daycare centers to care for their children while they are at work. Sending your child to a daycare center should be a decision that is not made until thorough research has been done, however. The following are some questions you should be prepared to ask any daycare center you are considering.

  • Is there at least one adult for every 6 children?
  • Is the building clean and well maintained?
  • Are there any obvious safety hazards?
  • Is the entire daycare staff properly trained?
  • Is the daycare staff trained in first aid?

Even after extensive research is done, the right decision could still lead to a child injury, resulting from any form of negligence, including accidental child poisoning, physical child abuse, mental child abuse and unsafe playground equipment. Child injuries resulting from accidental poisoning occur from medicines, cleaning products, furniture polish and lamp oils. It is the responsibility of the daycare provider to avoid an accidental child poisoning by keeping dangerous products in high cabinets with child-proof locks so they are out of the reach of children.

Toys and Products That Injure Children

Of the almost 4 billion toys and games sold annually, a portion will inevitably be defective and have the potential to cause harm to the users, which are often young children. To forestall defective toy lawsuits, manufactures will quickly recall products that they believe to be hazardous due to a defective design. The first line of defense between a defective toy and a child should be the parents. Every toy should be thoroughly inspected for choking hazards, improperly assembled parts, or anything that could potentially harm a child. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that a child should never be allowed to play with a toy that is designed for an advanced age group. Even with a perfectly functioning toy, the child could be placed into a situation that they are not adequately prepared to handle.

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No consumer product, especially those intended for use by or with children, should have the potential to cause serious injury or death. Unfortunately, even with the preventive measures taken by product manufacturers and parents, families are affected by serious injuries caused by childrens’ products in the United States every year. Whereas some of the injuries are the result of the parents or the child’s actions, the injuries that are the most difficult to come to terms with are those caused by defective toys. If your child has been harmed by a defective toy, contact our experienced lawyers to explore your compensation options. Our knowledgeable attorneys have extensive experience handling cases involving injuries caused by defective toys or in an unsafe daycare environment.

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