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Filing A Dog Bite Lawsuit Claim in Oklahoma

If you or a family member has been attacked by a dog at your home, someone else’s home, one public or private property, you may be entitled to compensation. Call our Oklahoma City dog bite attorneys today to discuss your claim for free. We are here to protect you.

In order to prove
negligence in a strict liability dog bite claim, the owner
of the dog must be established, typically through licensing
or vaccination records, and that the dog in question actually
bit the claimant.

While Oklahoma has strict liability laws concerning dogs
that bite, proving negligence can be a challenging task.
Our experienced personal injury
attorneys at Oklahoma Dog Bite Law Center are up to the
challenge. They share a deep commitment to holding dog owners
responsible for injuries their dogs inflict upon others.
Coupled with a thorough understanding of Oklahoma dog bite
laws, our experienced attorneys in Oklahoma City are dog
bite law experts can help you or a loved one get the compensation
you deserve.

It is important to
contact a qualified Oklahoma dog bite attorney as soon as
possible after the incident occurs to ensure that your rights
are protected. For a full review of your dog bite case,
contact a personal injury lawyer at Oklahoma
Dog Bite Law Center
in Oklahoma City today.

Statute of Limitations – How Long After A Dog Bite Can You File A Dog Bite Lawsuit

The Oklahoma dog bite
law and personal injury claim law state that there is a
time limit within which a claimant must file a personal
injury claim-a statute of limitations. After this time period
has passed, you may lose your right to legal recourse and
compensation. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact
our Oklahoma City dog bite law experts at the Oklahoma Dog
Bite Law Center to get your case moving as quickly as possible.

In Oklahoma, a personal
injury lawsuit must be filed within two years of the incident,
except in the unfortunate circumstance where a minor has
suffered personal injury. For these special cases of personal
injury, Oklahoma law extends the statute of limitations
time period until one year after the minor’s 18th birthday.

To be sure your dog
bite personal injury case is filed within Oklahoma’s statute
of limitations, it is essential to contact our qualified
injury lawyers in Oklahoma City
as soon as possible.
Practicing in Oklahoma City, our dog bite can help you file your dog bite case and
assert your rights in a timely manner.

Responsible dog ownership
includes proper socialization and care of the animal, as
well as ensuring that it does not cause harm to others.
When a dog attacks or bites, the resulting injuries can
be severe. Emergency medical treatment for bites or puncture
wounds, the possibility of being infected by a disease like
rabies, infection of the wound or other complications, emotional
trauma, scars, and ongoing medical treatment are all possible
outcomes of being bitten by a dog. In the worst cases of
dog attack, victims may be killed. Unfortunately, children
are the ones most often affected by dog bite. They account
for about 60 percent of reported incidents where medical
attention was sought.

Liability of the Owner of the Dog that Bit

In Oklahoma, dog bite
laws outline a statutory strict liability state: dogs don’t
get “one free bite.” Dog owners are fully responsible for
injuries caused by their dogs. In many cases, the dog owner’s
homeowner’s insurance handles injury claims. Oklahoma dog
bite laws state that if an attack happens while the victim
is legally on private property (as an invited guest, to
deliver mail, etc.) or while the victim is on public property,
the owner is typically liable, as long as the victim was
not intentionally and persistently antagonizing the dog.

Oklahoma dog bite
law includes exceptions to a dog owner being liable for
injuries caused by his or her dog. These include situations
where the victim: was trespassing on the dog owner’s land;
was provoking the dog; is a veterinarian who was bitten
while treating a dog owner’s dog; was bitten or injured
during the commission of a felony; was bitten by a police
or military dog. Aside from these few exceptions, dog owners
can be held legally liable for the injuries they cause.

When a dog owner is
found to be liable for injuries caused by his or her dog,
the dog bite victim may be entitled to compensation for:
emergency-related medical treatment and medications; future
medical treatment needs like scar reduction surgery; psychological
counseling to help cope with the traumatic event and lingering
fear; and lost wages.

The dog bite accident
attorneys at Oklahoma Dog Bite Law Center can help you ascertain
the merits of your case. We specialize in dog bite law,
and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your dog bite
case in more detail. Please contact our Oklahoma
City dog bite laws experts
to schedule a review of your


Tell Your Story To A Filing A Dog Bite Lawsuit Claim in Oklahoma Lawyer Now For Free ↓

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