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High Workers’ Comp Costs in OK May Cause Businesses to Leave State

According to a national study, Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system is considered one of the worst in the country, adding to concerns that high workers’ comp costs may result in Oklahoma businesses leaving the state. The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services conducted a biennial study ranking workers’ compensation rates in all fifty states and Washington D.C., indicating that, despite reform attempts, OK workers’ comp rates continue to be among the most expensive in the country, with the sixth highest premiums in the United States. If you have been injured in a workplace accident in Oklahoma, consult our knowledgeable workers’ comp attorneys at Oklahoma Legal Center today to explore your compensation options.

OK Workers’ Comp Premiums Expected to Increase

Concerns about high workers’ comp costs in Oklahoma have not escaped business owners, as the more than 5,000 employers who responded to Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin’s 2012 survey named the workers’ compensation system as the biggest challenge to doing business in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak recently announced that workers’ comp premiums in the state will increase again in 2013. According to Doak, several large employers in Oklahoma have said that if the workers’ compensation system doesn’t undergo aggressive changes in the next legislative session, they may seriously consider leaving the state.

Differing Opinions of Oklahoma Workers’ Comp Reform

This year, the Oklahoma legislature came close to passing the Oklahoma Employee Injury Benefit Act, a workers’ comp alternative that many believe to be an improved version of a system that has proven effective in Texas. The legislation, called House Bill 2155, would have given Oklahoma employers the option of “opting out” of the state’s workers’ compensation program in favor of managing their own work injury and occupational illness programs. According to OK lawmakers, the proposal would lead to better medical outcomes for workers injured in on-the-job accidents in Oklahoma and more efficient resolution of work injury claims.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Although Oklahoma officials have touted the workers’ comp bill as a positive step for workers’ compensation reform, the proposed Act has been challenged by those who believe allowing employers to opt out of the state-run workers’ comp system would be a disservice to injured workers. If you have suffered injuries in an Oklahoma on-the-job accident, contact our qualified workers’ compensation lawyers at Oklahoma Legal Center to discuss your legal options. You may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits, which you can pursue by filing a work injury claim with your employer’s insurance carrier. Don’t hesitate to protect your rights after sustaining a serious workplace injury; contact our workers’ comp attorneys today for legal help.

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