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Work Site Accidents

Construction accidents can lead to devastating injury and tragic loss of life for Oklahoma workers. Contact our Oklahoma City-based law firm today to discuss your compensation options.

Under Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws, it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you have safe working conditions on the construction site. Safety issues affect all facets of the construction industry, including but not limited to: scaffolding safety; ladder safety; prevention of falling objects; protection of construction workers on lifts, ladders and scaffolding; properly maintained heavy equipment and qualified operators of heavy equipment. In some cases of work site accidents, workers’ compensation will cover your minor injuries, but this is not always the case. If you have been injured in a construction accident, it is possible that someone is liable for the damages and hardship you are now faced with. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers at Oklahoma Legal Center to review your construction accident claim today. Please call us toll free or fill out our contact form.

Scaffolding and Ladder Accident Lawsuits

Construction sites have inherent risks, especially when workers are dealing with multi-level buildings that put them high off the ground. In order to safely work on ladders and scaffolding at these heights, proper safety measures must be taken by employers and supervisors to protect construction workers from unnecessary harm. Unfortunately, these scaffolding and ladder safety measures are not always enough to save a person from falling, sometimes resulting in serious injury or in worst cases, wrongful death. The most common type of construction accidents occur while working on lifts, scaffolding and ladders.

Falling Objects on Construction Sites

Construction site accidents occur far too frequently in Oklahoma and across the United States, largely because construction sites have unforeseen dangers that even the most experienced construction worker can not anticipate. Falling objects on construction sites are one such example of an unforeseen danger that can cause major injuries due to the velocity they gain while falling. Obviously, the higher the fall, the more harmful the falling object can be. From nuts, bolts and small tools to large construction site equipment, life-changing injury or death can be caused by a falling object. The most common injuries sustained in falling object accidents on construction sites are head injuries and broken bones. A traumatic brain injury, as well as a wrongful death, may even occur from something as seemingly insignificant as a bolt.

Unsafe Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery

The everyday use of heavy machinery and equipment is routine on most Oklahoma construction sites. In order to operate heavy machinery and equipment however, construction workers must pass safety tests and abide by strict rules and regulations to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them. Unfortunately, when construction companies fail to provide adequate equipment maintenance, qualified operators, or a safe working environment, the consequences can be devastating. Defective construction equipment and heavy machinery have the capability of crushing innocent victims, severing digits and limbs, causing broken bones, and in the most unfortunate cases, resulting in death.

Contact Our Qualified Lawyers for Legal Help

If you are a construction worker in Oklahoma and you have been injured in a work site accident, you could be entitled to critical compensation for your injuries and medical bills. You should not be burdened with physical pain and financial burden because of the negligence of a construction company or equipment manufacturer. Contact our Oklahoma City-based law firm at Oklahoma Legal Center today, and we will review your construction accident claim today.

Tell Your Story To A Work Site Accidents Lawyer Now For Free ↓

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