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Patients taking Permax may have an increased risk of suffering serious heart valve damage. If you have been affected by Permax, review your claim with a skilled attorney today.

Permax or pergolide mesylate is a potent dopamine receptor agonist. It is indicated as adjunctive treatment to levodopa/carbidopa in the management of the signs and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. Permax works by stimulating the central nervous system to help treat the symptoms of the medical condition. Our lawyers at Oklahoma Legal Center are currently investigating possible claims against the maker of Permax for potentially fatal side effects involving heart valve damage. If you or a loved one has been affected by Permax, please contact our reputable attorneys today.

FDA Warnings and Side Effects

The first warning issued to consumers regarding Permax came in 2003, when the Food and Drug Administration asked Eli Lilly to inform users of the drug that it could cause drowsiness during normal day-to-day activities, including operating motor vehicles. Two additional studies published by the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2007 indicated that the use of the dopamine agonists pergolide (Permax) and cabergoline is associated with an increased risk of cardiac valve regurgitation. This risk of heart valve damage was even more prominent when the drugs were administered in high doses over a long period of time. These studies analyzed patients between 40 and 80 years of age that received at least two prescriptions for anti-Parkinson’s medications between January 1988 and August 2005.

Permax Warnings and Precautions

Recent studies have shown rare side effects in people taking Permax or pergolide, including cases of pleutitis, pleural effusion, pleural fibrosis, pericarditis, pericardial effusion, cardiac valvuopathy involving one or more valves and retroperitoneal fibrosis. There have been reports of patients falling asleep during daily living activities, including operating motor vehicles which can lead to accidents. Possible side effects of Permax include:

  • leaky heart valves
  • valvular heart disease
  • heart-valve damage
  • cardiac valvulopathy
  • pulmonary fibrosis (retroperitoneal, pleural, and pericardial fibrosis)

Contact Our Lawyers for Legal Help

Our attorneys have years of experience handling drug litigation and understand the devastating consequences associated with being injured by dangerous drugs. If you are curious or are just not sure how to handle your situation and it involves Permax, pick up the phone and call us. Our lawyers can help you make an educated decision about how to handle your Permax situation and decide whether you need to file a lawsuit. If you are eligible to file a claim, we will help you find the answers you are looking for, diligently represent you and stand up to any negligent party involved in your hardship.

Tell Your Story To A Permax Lawyer Now For Free ↓

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